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While the channel is still a haven of recent hit movies, Home Box Office's real draw is the many amazing shows it's aired over the years. Fortunately, most cable operators offer basic packages that carry local broadcasts networks and HBO for a reasonable price (usually in the -a-month range).

HBO Go is a service that collects a good swath of recent movies and almost every major program that's aired on the channel since the late '90s. HBO has announced a standalone option called HBO Now, set to debut exclusively on Apple TV in April, but it won't be available on non-Apple devices until July at the earliest.

Streaming video games can be fun, but it's often a lot harder than it looks.

At the very basic level, you need to find a computer powerful enough to multitask both a resource-intensive game and a high-bandwidth stream.

While we very well might add some of the other major leagues to this list at a later date, we have to give props to the best service for the US' most popular sport: the NFL on Xbox One.Hulu Plus does air ads during its programming, with the average program showing about 3 minutes of commercials per half-hour show.That said, it's far less than you'd have to deal with watching live TV.For example, subscribers to Xbox Live (Xbox's online play service) get a new Games With Gold release each month that's free to play as long as they continue paying for Xbox Live.However, this isn't the only publisher giving out bonus games.

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