Windows vista ultimate not updating

Or try maximizing the window as suggested in the previous item, make the desired adjustments, and then restore it.

When you exit from K95, any font adjustments that you made are remembered unless you picked an old font like Fixedsys that doesn't have all the features of the more modern True Type or Open Type fonts.

SSH connections can fail with "no matching comp found: client zlib, server none,[email protected]".

It can also tickle bugs in the underlying Windows operating system, network stack, drivers, etc.

K95's bug history (bugs and fixes) through the current release is HERE.

Of course the file could contain any commands you want, for example to automate some repetitive interactive task; see the Kermit script library for examples and ideas.

[ Next ] [ Previous ] [ Top ] Like all software, Kermit 95 can have bugs.

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