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This is a rising star, and she, too, does fine work.

But they cannot save “The New Girlfriend.” By the time a near-tragedy occurs, it is simply hard to care.

You have to remind yourself that Romain Duris is closing in on 40 and that later today, he’ll return home to La Bastille to be with his actor partner, Olivia Bonhamy, and the couple’s four-year-old son, Luigi. When I read something, I’m looking for the kind of purity any reader is looking for when you read a book or a news story.

He has dressed down, in jeans, and his artfully messy, dark hair makes one think in style section bytes such as “campus chic” and not of phrases such as “dad” or “average age of Volvo owner”. She would gather her friends around: ‘Look, my little brother: he’s Michael Jackson’.” Despite this inauspicious sounding schooling, Duris has seldom been short on gravitas. That was the most important thing for me,” notes Duris. I think when I want to play the guy it usually happens because it is new.

The film starts promisingly enough, with the bold image of a blonde woman in her wedding dress in her coffin.

This is Laura, the character whose presence, even in death, impacts every person onscreen.

As Laura’s best friend Claire (French star Anaïs Demoustier, also appearing at TIFF in the more well-received “Bird People”) recounts, Laura was the kind of individual who could light up a room, and electrify a school hallway. We note that it is always Claire who brushes Laura’s hair, pushes her on a swing, etc.

It was also Laura who married first, to David (Romain Duris), and became a mother first, to young Lucie.

But we vacillate wildly, from somber scenes of Virginia cradling Lucie to an utterly bonkers, “Mannequin”-esque “let’s-go-shopping” montage, set to Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold.” (It’s the second appearance in the film for Perry’s early hit.) Soon, Gilles starts to wonder what’s going on between David and Claire, Claire starts to wonder whether she is more interested in spending time with David or Virginia, and David starts to wonder exactly what he is feeling for Claire.

He’ll be back, of course, but let’s hope next time he has a clearer sense of direction.

Born in Paris, son of an engineer-architect father and a dancer mother, Duris studied arts at university but decided to follow a career in music forming a jazz-funk band. He was noticed in the street by a casting director whilst waiting in a queue in 1993 and was offered a part in the 1994 Cédric Klapisch film Le péril jeune. His first role however was in a pop video for Princess Erika, Faut qu'j'travaille (I Need To Work), in which he plays the role of a small-time gangster.

Only his actors keep “The New Girlfriend” watchable.

Duris has the trickiest role in the film, as he must keep Virginia from being too over-the-top and maintain believability.

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You read the drama and you knew the director wanted to be Jacques Audiard. “At that time, I was playing with same weapons I had again and again,” he says.

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