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You will be asked whether you want to Restore or Update your device.

Hit Update, as this will allow you to upgrade the device without wiping or restoring any data or apps.

To view your device's free space on the device itself, go to the Settings app on your device's home screen, tap .

Try restarting your device To restart your device, hold its Home and Power buttons together until the Apple logo appears. Although troubleshooting update problems can be difficult due to the wide range of factors at play, the above steps should be a good starting point in helping to resolve issues with updating an app.

Changing a contact photo on your i Phone is a simple task – here we show you how to do this manually with pictures stored on your phone or connecting your Facebook and Twitter apps with the Contacts app on your i Phone.

Read next:i Phone photography tips Facebook and Twitter are able to synchronise with your i Phone, and are one of the few social networks you can sign in to from the Settings menu of your device.

However, if your problem continues, you will have to contact i Tunes Support, Apple Technical Support, or visit a local Apple Retail Store as they are best equipped to handle such issues.

Make sure you are logged into the same i Tunes account that you used to purchase the app Although the App Store may show an update is available, you need to be logged into the original Apple ID that you used to purchase the app to be able to download any updates. You can check your App Store purchase history to see if the Apple ID you are using was used to purchase an app.

To enable installing apps, go to the Settings app on your device's home screen, tap is set to ON/Green.

If you are updating an app directly on your device, make sure you are connected to Wi Fi To make sure you are connected to Wi Fi, go to the Settings app on your device's home screen, tap is toggled ON and you are connected to a wireless network.

Try updating on a different internet connection If you receive an i Tunes error that you cannot download an app update at this time, you may consider bringing your device or computer to a location that has Wi Fi and try updating there.

Make sure you're okay with the app accessing your personal information before you choose to update contacts - you can see what we to say on how to protect your privacy and how to set up the best privacy settings in i OS 8.

Here's how to change a contact photo on your i Phone manually by choosing an existing photo or to taking one yourself.

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