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with the following statement: "Tinder has made a firm commitment to inclusivity, and in November 2016, we rolled out our More Genders update in an effort to further demonstrate to our users that everyone is welcome on the app."We stand behind our pledge to make sure no one is ever removed from Tinder simply because of their gender.This comes after Tinder introduced new features last November to promote gender inclusivity.

Under Section 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 it is an offence if a defendant intentionally penetrates the vagina or anus of a person, where the other person does not consent and where the defendant does not reasonably believe the other person consents.

'By forcing transgender people to disclose their history to prospective partners the law is not only infringing their human rights it’s also reinforcing the bigoted idea that trans people are in some way abhorrent' A transgender activist has highlighted the issue of gender identity in legal sexual consent, warning that trans people in the UK may face rape charges and potentially jail if they fail to disclose their gender history to their sexual partners.

Sophie Cook, a LGBT speaker, trans activist and the first transgender newscaster to appear on European terrestrial TV, says that under UK law, deceiving someone about the nature of a sex act makes them incapable of informed consent.

“So @Tinder got back to me and the best they can say is I broke their community guidelines 'in some way' but we all know this is because of men mass reporting me for being trans,” Tahlia tweeted.

“The best part is that next to none of the men who harass me that I report get banned like this yet I do just for being trans @Tinder.” Tahlia came to the conclusion that her profile had been removed due to the numerous reports submitted by male users who had a problem with her transgender identity.

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