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Figures from Colour Blindness Awareness suggest that approximately 40 per cent of colour blind pupils leaving secondary school are unaware they are colour blind, while 60 per cent of sufferers experience many problems in everyday life.

In this teenage drinking and driving article we cover some of the statistics of teen drunk driving, the impact parents can have on their teens' decision about drinking and driving, and how to successfully enforce rules about teenage drinking and driving.

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Teen drunk driving is a serious problem for the teens who are drinking, for their passengers, and for other people on the road.

There are some concerning statistics about teenage drinking and driving: Thanks to increased education and awareness, the number of incidents involving teenage drinking and driving has declined, but it is still too high for a cause of death that can be prevented.

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A recent study reported by Medline Plus showed that teens were half as likely to get into an accident or speed, twice as likely to wear a seatbelt, and 71 percent less likely to drink and drive when their parents set and enforced consistent rules.

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