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After reading this post and the last one you wrote I sincerely hope you don't get bidded to join a fraternity.

To be honest it's pretty obvious you don't yet understand what the system is all about and see this as a potential opportunity to get laid a lot, drunk a lot, and maybe get a cushy job.

It's great that you hold yourself to higher ideals, but we all know that every organization has a chapters that do not.yes, once you join you are only allowed to date other greeks. i cant eat sleep or get dressed with out the go ahead from my fraternity.

greeks date other greeks bc of their availability and constant exposure to each other.

Remember, when potential members think stuff like this, it is often true.i don't really think i want to go greek b/c i have a lot friends and really good network and don't feel the need for one. Uhmm, you seem to be really pressed about this whole fraternity/sorority thing.

i'm pretty confident that i can get girls w/o joining a frat and i honestly don't think frat guys get more girls than guys who aren't (correct me if im wrong). Would you be more likely to date a guy in a fraternity? If you don't think you wanna go greek or you think you can get girls without going greek then why do you keep starting threads about the subject anyway?

I dated non-greeks and they had no clue what it was all about, and it caused a lot of fight. Though my husband doesn't always understand 100% of the time (when alum meetings run late, my obsession with strawberries,) he is still very supportive of my involvement.

But many of you said "Well it's easier to date a Greek b/c of the time commitment etc etc" What time commitment?I've see a thousand guys like you, and as a Vice President I realize that at this point in your life you'd be nothing but trouble and dead weight in the house.I hope you get a chance to better re-examine your priorities and the greek community.They understand the commitment that being part of a Greek organization entails.That's a pretty bold statement, unless you know what campus he is on and a lot about the fraternity culture there. Most of the guys I've dated have been in a fraternity, but it really doesn't matter as long as he's nice to me.

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