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Even then the not unusual habit of one brother duplicating the name another chose for his children, may halt investigation indefinitely.

It has happened that a certain name was a favorite one which became repeated in successive generations — without a distinguishing middle name or the latter omitted.

Our imagination is always active to enlarge the narrow circle in which nature has confined us.

We seem to have lived in the persons of our forefathers; it is the labor and reward of vanity to extend the term of this ideal longevity.

To materials collected from American records, I have undertaken to add what data, regarding earlier history there was to be ex- tracted from authentic Irish writings, copied during a visit to Dublin for the purpose of learning the basis for the claim, tradi- tionally made, of Scotch-Irish ancestry.

The founder of this family was presumably John Early, first recorded in Virginia annals 1661.

The destruction of court and family records, removal of families to distant and unknown sections, the difficulty of obtaining response from many to whom enquiries have been sent and other obstructive causes, have retarded the publication of this family data, collected from various sources.

I do not claim for it entire accuracy of detail, for it has not been possible always to confirm — yet on the other hand to disprove — much information which has been given by members of the connection.

The investigator, in such instance, may THE FAMILY OF EARLY start quite confidently upon tlie family search through a first genera- tion of 'Mary and John' — pursue the genealogical lines to a second generation but gets entangled, lost, in the maze of Marys and Johns discovered increasingly in the extension of lines.

To this comes added confusion from the manner of spelling surnames, which seems to have been arbitrarily regulated by the conception of the writer, who leaving slight resemblance to the original, forces a pursuit of the name most similar.

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Among the people who have observed the custom (which has a bearing upon nation and individual ) are the Irish, who incorporated it in their system of government.

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