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Joslyn concedes that though he enjoyed himself as a member, it was not always the most stimulating experience.

“Sometimes it got pretty boring,” he says, “especially when you were waiting 10 years for the spacecraft to come down.” Which is why, seven years ago, he elected to drop out of the group.

But sort through the lives of the 38 people who committed suicide with Marshall Herff Applewhite at the Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., mansion of the Heaven’s Gate cult, and the stereotypes slowly begin to unravel.

Though some of those who joined Heaven’s Gate had obvious emotional problems, most seemed disarmingly ordinary—businessmen, mothers, students—all consumed by nothing more exotic than a desire for spiritual enlightenment.

Among them were people who had left their children, some of them just toddlers.

“Many of these people weren’t losers with low self-esteem,” says Joan Culpepper, an original member of the cult who later became an outspoken foe.

“Applewhite’s message connected to some belief in them.” It was, to be sure, a very strange message.

Joslyn insists that for the eight men in the cult, including Applewhite, who submitted to surgical castration, the decision made perfect sense once they had firmly decided to become celibate. Helens and various earthquakes—as portents of the moment at which he and his followers would ascend to the Higher Level.

When that didn’t happen, he and Nettles would acknowledge with disarming candor that they had goofed.

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