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The purpose of the session is to show the audience how consolidation needs to be reconsidered for modern twenty-first-century concrete mixtures.The anticipated presentations will show the influence of concrete proportioning and workability on the consolidation energy necessary.The use of ACMs is rapidly advancing, requiring owners, contractors, and engineers to address specifying, testing, and performance of ACMs.This session will offer perspectives on the challenges of ACMs and how specifications, building codes, and construction practices are adapting to new ACM technology.Presentations relate to the FRP strengthening of existing masonry elements, and the use of FRP bars as internal reinforcement in new masonry construction.Current developments in design guides are presented, including international coverage of research and application.ACI uses cement content alone as the basis for allowable chloride limits for new construction.With the heightened use of SCMs and performance specifications for cement, there is need to evaluate using total cementitious materials content as the basis for allowable chloride limits in new construction and for chloride thresholds.

A review of current research in fire performance of concrete and masonry will also be reviewed, especially as that research relates to promoting rational design methods.

Material is presented in an order that follows typical design process with procedures introduced as the designer will need them in the course of a building design.

An overview of ACI 314R-16 and the easiness of integrating modern calculation platforms for quick analysis and design will be presented.

When planning for constructability, don’t forget to plan for curing.

This course will be useful to all participants in concrete construction projects.

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