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But after the death of lord Krishna, sage Vyasa decided to split this undivided Veda in to four (4) principal branches. The reason prompted sage Vyasas decision was during the age of Kali whose duration is 432,000 years, which started after the death of Lord Krishna, the human intellect cannot grasp understand and realize the Veda as an undivided whole.

To fecilitate the Vedic learning sage Vyasa constituted the task of dividing them in to four.

There is no Vedic Knowledge besides living in Vedic experience.

One who cannot understand the Vedic living will be lost in words and arguments but the one who is living in the experience will show the life to others, the logic and science of the living and experiencing of the reality of Veda. It is the revelation of the awareness of the experience.

The margin of error of sage Souti extension it self is 46,000 slokas giving credence to the thought that after sage Souti many others also extended this Mahabharata.

First Vedas and sage Vyasas Jaya (Bharata) is only 5000-5500 years old.After Vedas were classified sage Vyasa compiled the Mahabharata-the history of Kauravas, Pandavas and Sri Krishna leading until the Mahabharata War.Sage Vyasa compiled this historical story in 8,800 slokas (verses) and called it Jaya.Veda is the revelation of such experience belonging to all walks and branches of human wisdom. It is the final frontier of the knowledge, ultimate end of the science, last horizon of the human wisdom.That's the reason why Manu Dharma Sashthra says : For the Pitris (those yet to be born) Devathaas (all energy states/manifestations of Universe) and Maanavas (Human Beings), the Veda is the eternal Eye of wisdom.

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