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It’s Monty Pyton-esque in its absurdism and worth a look if you want something weird and new.

Play if you like: Monty Python Available: Steam In most action games, you’re the one committing acts of violence.

Playing Wire Wood Daughters feels like chasing a chain of recollections triggered by a mundane object, or returning to a place you were once familiar with and reliving fading moments from the past.

It’s become such a normal part of games that we don’t even think about the aftermath — only games like Hotline Miami have really forced us to confront it. In Serial Cleaner, you play a “professional cleaner” for a criminal organization.

It’s your job to clean up crime scenes and dispose of bodies without being detected, a challenge that combines strategy and stealth with fast-paced action — cleaning action.

Figuring out the actual mechanics of the contraption is the first piece of the puzzle, but once you do, you have to balance that with kindling a small campfire so it doesn’t get too dark and keeping an eye on the creatures lurking at the edges of the screen, waiting for the light to fade.

Darting from one pump or lever or valve to the next creates a comforting rhythm, but you can never get too involved with one thing because there’s always something else to deal with — whether it’s releasing steam before it drains the machine’s energy meter or powering down the whole thing before it attracts the vicious dogs that lie in wait in the woods…

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Tons of awesome games come out every month, but in the shadow of high-profile AAA titles, even the best ones can slip under our radars.

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