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You may want to selectively remove fields by referring to them either by their index values or by their names. To ensure that we do not have the error blocking the code during runtime, we insert the On Error Resume Next in our code.

Remove or Include Pivot Fields in a Pivot Table using a VBA Macro 11.Is it possible there is some other reason your Pivot Tables don't appear to be refreshing, such as a change in the size of the data range you are trying to use as your Pivot Data source?There is something that is holding me back from my code properly refreshing the tables.It's not the ranges because i just have them set to columns, and the only way I've been able to refresh the tables is to manually hit the "Refresh All" button on the data tab...however it doesn't do it for me within my code.This doesn't make a bit of sense to me because I use this refresh code in other reports and it works, I just have a couple others that won't work.

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