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While considered an outdated term, the expression barfine describes a fee paid to a bar or similar establishment where cladly dressed women solicit for prostitution.A patron who pays a barfine compensates an establishment and a particular employee for loss of revenue.Read Full Article One of the largest bars in Angeles City.Unlike other bars it's not located on the main strip Fields Avenue, but on nearby Real Street adjacent to A. The four story building was first opened for business as "Pickup Disco", but later leased to a different group of investors running bars like Dollhouse and Club Atlantis.Nevertheless, some guys can manage a harem and are able to maintain their master status intact.

This is not your typical sexpat bullshit, but real good professional work. Here is another girlfriend from Angeles City posing for self-exposure.

It's mostly frequented by Asian customers from Japan and Korea.

Westerners and locals are welcome without prejudice.

Until today it's possibly the largest collection of Pinay whores making love with foreigner sexpats in hardcore movies. Instead of waiting weeks and months for new episodes, Asian Sex Diary delivers daily bits from sexual escapades with Filipinas and other Asian women. Realistically, there are 2 to 3 hardcore episodes per week.

The other updates are dedicated to information and explanations about picking up girls and preparing video shoots, including spycams.

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