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Estimates by Mandaeans themselves hover about 10,000.

The Mandaeans, whose official designation by their Persian and Iraqi neighbors is “Sabeans” (“dippers,” “dyers,” “baptizers”; see Fahd, p.

According to the 15 September 2004 United States Department of State International Religious Freedom Report for Iran, Section 1, the current Mandaean population in Persia comprises between 5,000 and 10,000 persons.

The United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees report on Iran (26 August 1997) puts the number at 6,200.

Several of the Mandaean dwelling areas listed in 1880 by the French Vice-Consul M. Siouffi, such as Shahwali (Šāhwali), Dezful, and Kowaybdeh (Siouffi, p. In his days, Siouffi states, the Mandaeans of Shushtar were famous for the high level of their religious knowledge.675), call themselves “Mandaeans” (“the knowledgeable ones,” from the Aramaic “knowledge”).These ancient Gnostic Baptists were wrongly considered by early European missionaries and travelers as “Christians of St.At present, a new mandi is under construction in Ahwaz.A more traditional mandi, serving solely ritual purposes at certain religious feasts, is situated far off in the countryside north of Ahwaz.

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During the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, Mandaeans moved away from the war-torn towns Khorramshahr and Abadan (Ābādān).

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