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The app is free for people using one camera, with 12 hours of cloud recording, but additional cameras and cloud recording costs money.

More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in the app, so you can let your inner Property Brother thrive and play interior decorator. Instead of limiting objects to just Ikea furniture, there’s a catalog of items that can be resized to fit the dimensions of your room, so it’s more of a planning app.

If you want to go beyond Measure Kit, Tap Measure is an app from Occipital, a company that’s spent years working with augmented reality.

One thing that sets Tap Measure apart from the glut of measurement apps that will surely flood the App Store in the coming days is that it can also create floor plans and even 3D room models, which can be exported as CAD files or be used in Sketch Up.

It’s available starting today, and is free to download.

Occipital will charge for some features, like the CAD file export, though.

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