You still get a sense of the actor’s soul, but not much.It was a pretty good trump card in high school: “Yeah, I just did a movie.” Before that, I could never get the really fantastic girls to talk to me.Playboy: Do you intentionally try to mix up your roles so you make small and big, art and commercial, and heavier and lighter movies?I’m not a traditional leading man in Hollywood movie-star kinds of roles."I'm pretty sure all girls are secretly in love with John Cusack.Cusack also had memorable roles in The Grifters, City Hall, Con Air, the outrageous Being John Malkovich and the controversial Max, in which he plays a Jewish art dealer who becomes a friend and mentor of aspiring artist Adolf Hitler.If you want to keep people interested in you, the worst thing you can do is go off into the celebrity Ethernet.It was interesting; my relationship to it had changed.

Or, in the case of most of the girls I like, not-so-secretly in love with John Cusack, or, more accurately, his character from Say you, John Cusack, for raising expectations.

Playboy: Was the most fierce criticism that you humanized Adolf Hitler?

I mean, it’s comforting, but it’s medicine that makes you sicker.

” From Star Magazine I too have felt overwhelming ambivalence about marriage, too, John!

Let’s say you meet eternal heartthrob Lloyd Dobler…

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Cusack: I made about six or seven that were probably okay — Malkovich, Max.

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