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Rather than trying to meet in the middle, which is just a recipe for frustration, explore alternative resolutions.Some options to consider: the cascading upgrade (where you pass on your previous device to your partner every time you upgrade), the alternating upgrade (where you take turns acquiring the latest device) or the compensated upgrade (when you get a new phone, your partner gets a new pair of shoes or a set of theater tickets).Before you send your sweetie’s call to voicemail simply because you’re in the middle of a major presentation, make sure you’ve discussed how many times you can call back before your call will absolutely, positively get answered.Remember to establish guidelines for response times on text messages, emails, Slack messages, tweets, Facebook messages, Facebook wall posts, Instagram likes, Snapchats, and Vine posts, and you should be on safe ground for at least the first six months of your cohabitation.

Just as some relationships thrive when one partner is the dominant bread winner, some relationships can thrive when one person gets all the Likes.

Besides, think of the children: you’re going to have to decide which operating system to raise them on, and then the parent who uses that operating system is going to be stuck doing all the tech support.

All the security nerds are going to tell you to keep your passwords to yourself, and any therapist worth her salt would tell you that if you trust your partner, you don’t need to share passwords.

But if you jointly register a domain name, the person who actually completes the domain registration will have control over your website in the event of a breakup, allowing “Terry and Jen’s Awesome Wedding” to be replaced by “Why Terry Is A No-Good Lying Cheater Who Will Give You V.

D.” The obvious solution is to register any joint domain names with an account linked to an email address with two-factor authentication, using a burner phone as the authenticating phone number, and placing the phone in the custody of a lawyer who is bound by an agreement stating that the account password can only be changed when both of you are present.

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get on this blog is from women: “Do you have any advice for helping the girl trying to get the nerd?

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