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By Dana Anders, Chris Conti, Nathan Clement, Lana Trent Can you really be single and content? Single and Content, instead, offers candid conversation about the authors' own lives as singles and intersperses first-hand stories gathered from Christian music artists such as Avalon, Rich Mullins, Heather Floyd from Point of Grace, and Jeff Frankenstein from the Newsboys, all addressing the issues of singleness.As you join in on the conversation, you'll gain perspectives from the advice of well-known commentators and authors such as Larry Burkett and Dennis Rainey.By Jane Graver The conversational prayer meditations are straight from the heart, honest and hopeful.They deal with the things you have to deal with--independence, parents, loneliness.

Bombarded by the good intentions of others, singles sometimes find themselves in a mad pursuit to find their "better half" instead of living the whole life God intended for all of His children.By Harold Ivan Smith In a book proudly celebrating singleness in a "couples world", Harold Smith suggests 51 specific ways to live a richer and more satisfying life as a single person. By Michael Cavanaugh The book made me cry time and again as I recognized my selfish attitudes about my singleness.He offers biblical teaching on taking advantage of every opportunity for happiness. I now realize that being single is a unique opportunity to get to know God better, free from distractions.But it will help you to be content, whatever your situation.It will help you to realize what God's purpose is for your life, and it will bring you peace and joy and hope for the future.

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