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Towed on a trailer behind a pickup truck, the 300-gallon tank, with its huge coil of yellow hose, is used to water hanging baskets and flowerbeds in parts of the campus where traditional water connections don’t exist.But where is this free water and where does it come from?Bain said water in the aquifer could be many years old, noting that groundwater dating in Maryland recently showed that some water in an aquifer there dated back 10,000 years to the most recent glacial period.

2) #1, so for the purposes of reviewing from this point forward I’m going to label this as volume 2!Between mid-May and October, three or four days a week, Pitt groundskeepers descend to the lower level of the Sennott Square parking garage twice a day, where, in a small utility room some 20 feet below street level, they can access water from the Oakland aquifer.Behind a locked door, water three to five feet deep rushes at the bottom of a 15-foot deep concrete well.While shallow water in the soil layer is affected by precipitation and drought, the aquifer below is buffered from the effects of evaporation and thirsty trees whose roots take up water from the shallower soil.Only when the soil is completely saturated — as is common in wintertime — does water sink deep enough to pass through the underlying rocky soil layer to enter the rock layer beneath, where it fills the spaces between rock particles.

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