Dating the origin of the ccr5 delta32

Ramos, Susanne Morlot, Maria Tzetis, Carole Oddoux, Francesco S.

Huttley, Rando Allikmets, Lynn Schriml, Bernard Gerrard, Michael Malasky, Maria D.

Similar hypotheses may also apply to Tay-Sachs disease and cystic fibrosis.

Age estimation based on haplotype variation for linkage with the CCR5Estimation of c Used radiation-hybrid analysis to estimate physical distances for CCR5, GAAT, and AFMB.Dating the Origin of the CCR5-Δ32 AIDS-Resistance Allele by the Coalescence of Haplotypes. HIV attaches to the CCR5 and CD4 proteins of the macrophage cell membrane, inserting it’s viral DNA into the cell. The CCR5 gene produces the CCR5 chemokine receptor that, with CD4, serves as an entry port for HIV-1 strains that infect white blood cells.The estimated time to a common ancestor (time of origin of theΔ32 mutation) was estimated using coalescent methods based on the modern distribution of derivative Δ32 haplotypes.Microsatellites well as the absence of CCR5-Δ32 among East Asian, Middle Eastern, and American Indian populations.

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