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What is clear is that considerable doubt persists about these early medieval territorial divisions in The Netherlands and their precise geographical demarcations.What is probably the earliest extant list of Frisian pagi is contained in the Traditiones Fuldenses which record donations to the monastery, probably dated to the 8th and 9th centuries, of property in Frisia in pago Wirense [also Wironi]in pago Nvirain pago Mecinga [Meringa]in pago Wisahain pago Tochingenin pago Federetgewein pago Ostrahe [Ostrache]in pago Lieronin pago Emergewe [Emisgowe]in pago Westrahe [Westeriche]in pago Kilingoin pago Tokingenin pago Hunergewein pago Wertingewein pago Lacharenorumin pago Tyesle [Tyelle]in pago Federgewein pago Waldahiin pago Lieren divides his list of Dutch pagi into three categories: Frisian, Saxon and Frankish.No later mention of this imperially created Frisian duchy has been found in the primary sources so far consulted and it is assumed that it lapsed as separate counties developed in Frisia.

This confusion may be due to the lack of definitive names for the Frisian pagi, as many alternate names for the same areas can be identified in the primary sources.Liudgeri, which records that "in gente Fresonum ab orientali parte fluminis Labeki" there were five pagi "Hugmerchi, Hunusga, Fivilga, Emisga, Federitga" and one island "Bant".Of the different entities named in these sources, Van den Bergh retains four: firstly, Hunsingo, north of Groningen along the North Sea coast between the river Hunse in the west and Fivilgo in the east, thirdly, Hugmerchi (Humerche or Humerke, or Humsterland), which lay south of the river Hunse, west of Middagsterland, east of the river Lauwers, marking the border with Oostergo, and north of Drenthe, under the original jurisdiction of the dukes of Frisia and all located in the area east of the river Ems in what is today the north-western corner of the German Land of Niedersachsen (where the county of Ostfriesland evolved in the late 14th/early 15th centuries)."Frisia" should be distinguished from "Friesland", which is the current name of the northern province of The Netherlands."Ostfriesland" refers to a small region in north-west Germany, while "West-Friesland" is applied to the eastern part of the present-day Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

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