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If you wish to have any proof, you may Google some profile phrases with the mistakes and you’ll get pictures from scam database.

Besides you will notice that these girls are from Kazan mostly in spite they indicate the US.

I cannot stand colourless life without any adventure and I hate people who do not support each other in luck and in fail.Russian dating scam is not so ridiculous as Nigerian or Malaysian one however it became transpired with its harmful activity. One source mainly is responsible for occurrence great part of scam in Russia: Mari El.As a matter of fact one can meet scam in Kazan and if you meet Kazan as a place of origin, be sure these guys are from Mari El. The answer is simple: those people use too professional photos of models that looks like a big discrepancy with the whole profile information.The first one is about a person briefly and then full description with no mistakes but written by the same person with really bad English (not native language)? I do like to look about the house as cozy place is the first thing to live in and to keep the home fire.I could be the greatest support for you and if you need my attention – you’ll get it with my sincerest point of ready to listen to you any time.

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