Dating is dead

It’s too bad we spent our teen years memorizing the “rules of dating” according to Carrie Bradshaw, since by the time we hit our 20s, every single expectation of how we’d meet “The One” had been completely dashed by the reality of online dating.

Tinder in particular has dramatically shifted the dating paradigm — and by shifted, I mean it’s totally killed dating altogether. As if being compared to flawless movie stars, models and exes wasn’t enough, now guys have literally hundreds of girls at their fingertips that they can compare you with at any given time.

Not that random hookups don’t have their benefits, but being able to constantly get some ass anytime he wants is going to eliminate any inkling to act like a gentleman.

Why should he cook you breakfast or remember your name when he’s probably already swiping through his phone for who he’ll sleep with tonight?

On weekends, Kimberly, Glen and their friends would go out drinking and they would always manage to find themselves in a corner of the bar together.

She was doing everything a girlfriend would, with one caveat: She didn't have the girlfriend "title."It (whatever it was) lasted seven months.

up for "this guy I'm hanging out with," "this girl I'm seeing," or merely "this person I have a thing with." Deep philosophical conversations happen in emoji, meeting the parents is off the table and asking questions like "Hey, what are we doing here? People carry on monthslong or even yearslong relationships for which no terms can be applied.

On the one hand, it’s fun to play the hot or not game; on the other, it’s not so much fun when you start to think about who’s saying you’re “not.” You can find immediate satisfaction At A Bar Near You.The fact that everyone always has their phones on them and singles will likely be checking their apps at peak times like Friday and Saturday nights gives guys a pretty damn good chance of finding someone willing to sleep within an hour or less.No strings attached Sex Removes Any Expectation Of Chivalry.That means a whopping 64% of millennials were single and living alone, a dramatically larger number than the 52% reported in 2004.."Being in a committed relationship seems like so much time, work and energy than just spending time with someone I like without a lot of pressure," Casey*, 25, who has been in three noncommitted relationships, told .

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When so many people feel fulfilled by noncommitted relationships, being tied down doesn't seem that appealing. "Like, I don't know how to be a girlfriend anymore."While eschewing labels might be freeing for some, it can make others feel like they're stuck in relationship purgatory.

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