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The three coloured pales — green, white and orange — should be of equal size, and vertically disposed.The precise colours of the flag as set by the Department of the Taoiseach are: The flag should normally be displayed on a flagstaff, with the green pale positioned next to the flagstaff, at the hoist; the white pale positioned in the centre; and the orange pale positioned at the fly, farthest from the flagstaff. Others in the room giggled at the president's remark. He then told the Irish leader that she had a 'beautiful smile on her face' and added 'I bet she treats you well'. Perry continued smiling before gingerly making her way back to her seat.

The orange represents the minority who were supporters of King William III, who was of the House of Orange and originally the Stadtholder of the Netherlands, who had defeated King James II and his predominantly Irish Catholic army at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.Trump was on the phone with Varadkar, who is Ireland's first gay prime minister, to congratulate him on his recent election win when he remarked: 'Well, we have a lot of your Irish press watching us. 'We apologize that our president is a weird, inappropriate creep,' said another. Perry shared a video of their encounter on Twitter afterwards, describing it as 'bizarre'.In its advisory role, the Department has issued guidelines to assist persons in their use of the national flag.The flag should be rectangular in shape and its length should be two times its width, translating into an aspect ratio of 1:2.

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