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Billed as a guide for the American lady-about-town looking to make herself more desirable to the 1940s gent, Mr Horton lists all of the terrible things women do in the hope that they will learn from his advice.

In among ‘always choosing uncomfortable restaurants’ and ‘giggling and weeping at the cinema’, there’s a gem of a chapter: WOMEN IN BED – AND THE MORNING AFTER, which has some pretty interesting bedroom guidance.

It should be pointed out that earlier in the book our hero says he only changed his underwear three times a week.

Are utterly inept By which Mr Misogyny means that he’s fed up of pillow talk where women try and discuss Van Gogh and Proust because ‘they also assume that since they are in a state of nature* with a man, they are his intellectual equal’.

Have poor morning manners As Horton puts it, ‘There is little delight for the man in seeing his beloved…

pour her dress over herself.’ This section could have come straight from the sidebar of shame. Silence throughout – and through to the next morning. *This is an excellent euphemism and one we should all use more.

Two weeks ago I was with an Armenian.’ Wrong, women.

Yet she does it so often that one might almost look upon it as a congenital trait of the sex.’ Fair enough on this one, we say.

When they haven’t washed And when they leave the bathroom door open when washing so they can carry on the conversation.

Harriman dispels the “who pays for the date” controversy by stating money doesn’t matter. “If she enjoys your company, she’ll have a good time whether you spend a week’s salary or practically nothing.” In the 1940s men became more scarce because they were deployed due to WWII.

But, that didn’t mean they could take a break from fighting at home. Harriman, “Men should have to fight for a woman’s affection.” A common advice theme from this era is that women should hold themselves valuably and men will in turn treat them valuably.

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