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Here’s what it’s like for Italian women dating American men, in her words. Rick and I might not speak the same language, but we always did understand each other when it came about our intentions. I didn’t need to ask to see that Rick had that optimism about life and that faith in love that one needs to put himself out there again.Read what she has to say on the topic, and then click over to the other blogs to read about the opposite perspective. In Italy, divorced men are a little snubbed, because the system makes the process of ending a marriage so miserable, long, aggravating, and financially burdening (and if you’re thinking “in America, too” just multiply that by “n”) that the majority of divorced people just won’t give it another try. All of that said, it should be obvious that being married to an American turned out great, because I married a great man, that is.As her family remained in the same place through the years, she had always yearned to travel and learn about different places. The best part about dating an American, for me, it was the honest and straight forward way to relate, approach, and date.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="wp-image-2996 size-full" src=" alt="italian girls dating american men" width="261" height="209" / My wife Jessica was born in the relatively small town of Messina, Sicily.

It gives me a good chance to shut up, to keep my opinions to myself, which is precisely my intention, since it seems that opinions upset the very people who asked for them. If I made a lasagna, I just don’t want to see you eating it in front of a football match on TV. Now that we have an adorable little baby girl, I find myself repeating to Rick “No entertainment during meals! When I’m invited for meals at Rick’s family or friends, with few exceptions, I just can never figure what’s going on.

So, the very same applies to Italian girls dating American men versus dating Italians.

And please, if you’re in a cross-cultural relationship, let us know your thoughts, too! to compare life in America to life in Italy, I’ve learned to answer the question diplomatically by saying “Well, you see, no place is perfect; you gain something, you lose something, and in the end it’s not better or worse—it’s just different. If you’re dating someone from another culture, I would always say “Keep your mind open, and when you think it’s open, open it some more,” You’ll be rewarded.

And it all depends on what your priorities are.” Diplomatic, indeed, this answer is also very true.

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