Choosing others dating and mate selection

The sociometer theory proposed by Mark Leary and his colleagues opens up a new perspective for this concept and its underlying dynamic mate process (Leary and Downs, 1995; Leary et al., 1995; Leary and Baumeister, 2000). mainly answered two fundamental questions: (a) what exactly is self-esteem?

and (b) what is its function (Kavanagh et al., 2010)? doi: 10.1037//0022-3514.82.6.947 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Maner, J.

This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, sexual relations are particularly important to human beings due to the fact that they are among the main sources for individuals to achieve belonging, survival, and reproduction. doi: 10.1086/656667 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Molden, D. Heterosexual rejection is a common social phenomenon (Pass et al., 2010) and may cause strong physiological and psychological reactions, such as accelerated secretion of salivary cortisol (Ford and Collins, 2010). Mate selection is not only a static phenomenon, such as in terms of mate preferences, but also a dynamic process. People are often inclined to seek out a perfect spouse, but high mate expectations may lead to refusal easily.

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Previous studies about the effects of social rejection on individuals' social behaviors have produced mixed results and tend to study mating behaviors from a static point of view.

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