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* Measurements are usually rounded off to the nearest 1/4".

* The markings on the wrenches are in all capital letters. 101 UNIVERSAL WRENCH CO BARTOW, FLORIDA - PAT 1921 - - 10.75" with hinged lower jaw and thumbscrew.

Among the nearly 2000 wrenches in this auction are rare and interesting wrenches from all the different categories of antique wrenches with examples for the most advanced collectors to those just starting to collect. Unmarked carriage wrench made by the American Wrench Co. Some light dings, shaft is not connected to lower jaw. Unmarked carriage wrench made by the American Wrench Co. Joy Wagon Wrench like below but marked: SAFETY / PAT FEB 1, 98 - - 14.25".

Included in this first of two sales are rare cutout wrenches including: Zenith, Bradley's Wonder, Ames, and a very rare Deere variant with two hammer polls. 8, 85 - AUGUSTA, MAINE - - 7" with fluted wooden handle. Augusta, Maine like above - - 7" fluted wood handle screw adj. Augusta, Maine like above but 10" with a replaced wooden handle.

Don Ervin of Surrey, Maine has been collecting wrenches for almost twenty years and attended most of the major wrench meets and auctions during that time and amassed a large collection of rare and unique wrenches, both adjustable and farm implement types. Especially well represented are examples of quick adjusting type wrenches and combination type wrench/tools and by far the largest collection of "enhanced" Crescent type wrenches that we have had the opportunity to catalog. Because of the character of their use and storage wrench condition can hardly be judged to the same standards as other tools. patent by George Remington of Exeter, Rhode Island. So rather than using a grading scale I have tried to note all faults such as missing parts, cracks, pitting, over cleaning, repairs, etc. * a / separates markings on one side of the wrench from the other side. Some hammer dents on back of top jaw otherwise EX (S209) 0004. Wooden handle crank type wrench with a thumbscrew adjustment - - 11". HOSMER & CO BUFFALO NY - 7.5" comb plier type buggy wrench with four open end wrenches. Unmarked - - 10.5" double screw adjust wrench with right hand threads adjusting the lower jaw and left hand for the upper jaw and a football shaped wooden handle. * If a wrench is misnumbered in a photo the description number will prevail. OLIVER NO 1 - PAT APLD FOR - OLIVER MFG CO CHICAGO USA - - 10.5" wagon wrench (wheel and rack gears adj var.) pat 9-10-1907 by Wm Oliver. Unmarked (Miller Falls Co of Miller Falls, Mass.) - - 8.25" screw adj with metal spinner handle (square head variation). I would guess that this wrench was designed to be used on wooden wheel tire bolts.

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* All farm type wrenches are cast malleable iron unless noted otherwise. The only markings are not readable and could be an owner's mark.

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