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Sorcery or not, wireless trail cameras have made a colossal leap for the industry and more notably for the hunter. Unbeknown to hunters the terms don’t actually mean the same thing.

Wireless refers to a camera with wifi signal and is only capable of sending images through a connection, while cellular means having the ability to send images to a phone via text or email by using a network.

Sunsets, lakes, and mountains will never look the same – share your new photo collection with your family and allow them to experience your travels as if they were there!For the time being though, we have our hands full with the latest advance, wireless trail cameras.It seems hunters in the backwoods and hollers all across this great nation have just recently caught up to actually using trail cameras for the first time.In the case for hunters, if you want a trail camera to send you images via text and email at anytime from anywhere, you desire a trail camera with cellular capability.In some manufacturer’s descriptions, wireless just means not having to go directly to the camera site to check the camera, you can connect with it by driving or walking within range of the wifi signal.

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