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Gone are the days when people were introduced to each other through friends and family.Many British Asians now want to find their future partners by themselves as opposed to having an arranged marriage.

South Asian families see sex outside marriage for a woman as a disgrace, in line with being barren, and it can be the defining factor for a woman to be unable to get married (in rural smaller towns and areas), or lead to a quick divorce (for wealthier families in large cities). They are taught from birth that they’re the greatest gift to have been bestowed upon on to their parents and have been given everything to them from childhood. Women are seen as subservient and weak, therefore needing the support of a ‘male power’ for protection and guidance.

What that means is we can finally start focusing on important things, like our love life and how to make people jealous in the coming year.

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by Katie Way We all have that one friend who blames their frequent flaking on being "an introvert" — you know, someone who cannot POSSIBLY be expected to participate in normal social conventions because, actually, they get their energy from being alone.

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