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Tuesday Lunchtime Green Book Study Virginia Court (Small Office Bldg) Suite 110 2601 N 3rd St at Virginia Ave Info line: 480-331-5466 Local website: local contacts, click here.

12 and 12 1st Christian Church Property Ironwood House, enter on W side of house, facing parking lot 6750 N 7th Ave S of Glendale Ave Info line: 480-331-5466 Local website: Sunday SAA Meeting The Prescott House Down stairs, left down alley, first building on right, called The Cottage, park on Willis St for easier access 214 N Arizona Ave N of E Gurley St Info line: 480-331-5466 Local website: local contacts, click here.

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Members are urged to attend different groups and find those that fit best with their personal needs in recovery. Steps of Courage Christ's Community Church Park behind church, go through gate at far end of courtyard, last door of community building on left side 4530 W Thunderbird Rd between N 45th Ave & N 46th Ave Thursday Night Get Real Meeting Mission Bell United Methodist Church North building, closest to Bell Rd, room 1 4645 W Bell Rd between N 43rd Ave & N 47th Ave Local website: local contacts, click here.

It is important to make sure you defend your rights if you were falsely accused of indecent exposure.A person may be charged with indecent exposure should he or she publically, or in front of another person, expose his or her private areas.Another factor involved is if the charged individual is reckless regarding whether or not the other party would be offended. For example, a person who exposes themselves to an individual over the age of 15 can be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor, but if it is the defendant’s second or subsequent charge, it can be considered a class 6 felony.If the person has two or more prior felony convictions or exposes him or herself to a minor under the age of 15, it can be considered a class 3 felony.A conviction can result in a prison sentence with a length based on the following: If you are convicted of a sex crime such as indecent exposure, you may be required to register as a sex offender.

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