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And while I know my complaints can be levied against any city…the point for me is that there is nothing in DC to balance out these issues. It’s a perpetual circle that promotes the fuckboy mentality. I’m use to intermingling my friends, which doesn’t seem to be the thing in DC.

According to 2013 stats compiled by e Harmony, people who had four or more photos on their profile received the most communication from their matches.13.

There’s a pervasive come hither attitude, that constitutes a fuckboy, in DC. Like if we hang out then we have to hang out with our specific group.

The big fish little pond syndrome that is symptomatic in every city but is the mainstream in DC with no balance. Folks will tell you they’re going to something and not invite you.

Ok, I like my barber and Founding Farmers…everything else, yeah won’t be missed.

But I did not want to come across super negative/bitter in the video, hence why it took me 7 attempts to finally get a recording that I liked, because my experience is not the universal experience.

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Why I moved to DC – I initially went to college in DC at both George Washington University and Howard. But I thought being an adult with money might change my perception.

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