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Just go there ask the bouncer or the waiter they will point you in the right direction. Clearly it was her favourite position, opened her ass and bent down in the right angle, trust you me I have never enjoyed fucking anyone in my entire life like I did with her in that position. By this time it was an easy 25 minutes of kissing and fucking.

Her pussy is fairly tight and her ass is also firm and in shape. Might get a chance to visit Delhi in a few days so thinking of visiting just for her. You don't have to know her as such the lighting pretty crap out there. Not a fan of the latter position takes away all my energy but she really liked it, finally asked her for doggie and she had a big smile on her face.

Removed her clothes and she has big firm boobs with inverted nipples. Has an ass to die for, one of the very few assess that I have rimmed, so clean and squeaky. She told me she didn't like the crowd where she was working earlier. Woman on top, doggy, the G-Whiz, butter churner and my favourite stand and deliver, I looked up online for the names. Called up my regular spa in Saket and asked if they have a new joinee and the receptionist confirmed in the positive and said 2 new NE's have come in just today itself.

Sucked her boobs and she wanted me to bite them and suck harder, did that. Have spent a lot of money on her and every penny is worth it. Told her to book the first session in the morning and made it clear if I don't like the first one will look at the second one. Wasnt wearing anything special, boobs looked small but very cute face and great hair, tall and a good built. Was wearing good perfume, good hygiene and a smiling face, good positive vibes. Hugged her immediately and started kissing her, no resistance so went all the way.

She started kissing me all over and nibbling along. Finger went for her pussy but she refused as she was on end days of her periods, so didn't went further. Hope she continues to be a good find for the near future. This turned out to be a super awesome experience and easily the best of my life.

Booked for 45 minutes with assurance from reception boy that he will send good one and can change once if I don't like. Anyway massage started and after 10 minutes came the ask. Recently I am getting a lot of requests for SPs or indie contacts from newbies who have no contribution to the forum or just collecting no. I am deliberately not sharing with newbies because of some reasons. She undressed and produced the most unbelievable sexy ass I have ever seen in my entire life. I shouted (while fucking) to renew another hour and this beautiful NE had the biggest smile on her face. Her pussy was wet like a swimming pool by now, she came and I could smell her cum. Kept fucking her for another 10-15 minutes, lied next to her and fingered her pussy like a crazy guy and made her cum again. Took a break for 5 minutes and I fucking her hard again, was surprised at my strength and pace. We had easily gone beyond the usual 1 hour session but this time I had already booked her for 2-3 hours. L (First name of the author Goodman) - Fat and ugly. We finished an hour and there was a knock on the door to hurry up and give away the room. I was too horny to fuck so banged her in the customary cowboy and missionary. Over all I have never felt so horny in my entire life even after cumming I was rock hard again, she asked me to come back the next day. Was carrying baby oil used it to lubricate my dick and inserted in her rear, she felt alot of pain and requested me to stop and I insisted she has to finish me by tasting my cum in her mouth and she agreed. Asked her to take care of me during BJ and she said 'baby I will'. After about 75 minutes of non-stop action (yes I timed myself) I finally came, she insisted that she wants to clean me and I was like surebe my guest. Used 4 condoms all this while as I was scared that it may tear at any given point in time.

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