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Out of it sprang the Therapeutists and the Essenian9; and it gave rise to the composition of the Talmud, many of whose legends have been incorporated into the mythical philosophy of Speculative Freemasonry.

This it is that makes Rabbinism an interesting subject of research to the Masonic student.

Its members, girls from 13 to 18, must be children of Masonic or Eastern Star families, or the friends and chums of such children.

This is the only relationship it has to Freemasonry though it has no secrets from Freemasons or Stars and they are free to attend the meetings of any Assembly.

It was a custom among the English Freemasons of the middle of the eighteenth century, when conversing together on Freemasonry, to announce the appearance of a profane by the warning expression It rains.

The custom was adopted by the German and French Freemasons, with the equivalent expression, Es regnet and II pluie.

When a candidate has received the Third Degree, he is said to have been raised to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason.

On his removal to Paris he continued his devotion to Freemasonry and was the founder in 1805 of the celebrated Lodge of Les Trinosophes.It was destined to be quietly deposited in the archives of that Body, because, as it was confessed, no Freemason could be found in France who had ability enough to supply its lacunae or missing material and prepare it for the press.Ragon's theory of the origin of Freemasonry was that its primitive idea is to be found in the initiations of the Ancient Mysteries, but that for its present form it is indebted to Elias Ashrnole, who fabricated it in the seventeenth century.Buxtorf (Talt mudic Lexicon) tells us that about the time of Christ this title arose in the School of Hillel, and was given to only seven of their wise men who were preeminent for their learning.Jahn (Biblical Archeology, page 106) says that Gamaliel, the preceptor of Saint Paul, was one of these.

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