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The way you close your business depends on the nature of the business.

In that case, the company must undergo a properly monitored liquidation process through which all company assets must be realized.

Furthermore, you must pay off your creditors before you pay shareholders.

As the liquidation process continues, you must discharge of funds to creditors.

These contributions are recorded at their fair market value.

Capital accounts are important for tracking each owner’s interest in a partnership.

Without these accounts, owners would have a hard time determining the value of their partnership interest.

It helps to distribute assets or losses to owners in a fair and accurate way, even though the liquidation process can involve many different transactions.

The reasons for liquidating a partnership vary depending on the relationship between the existing partners, the financial position of the company and economic conditions.

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If additional cash or property is contributed by a partner after the business has started, it’s added to their capital account along with the corresponding asset account on the balance sheet.

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